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Our Story

Elite Hampers was created through the simple love for giving.

At the heart of Elite Hampers lies the inspiring journey of our founder and director, Jeevan Punj. Her story is one of transformation and passion, as she transitioned from a thriving career in optometry to embark on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey in the world of corporate gifting. Gift-giving has always been an integral part of Jeevan’s life, a cherished tradition seen in her family.

“I have always felt happier when giving rather than receiving.”

With a strong sense of purpose, Jeevan aspired to revolutionise corporate gifting by adding genuine value to business relationships through thoughtful expressions of appreciation. Her unwavering dedication stems from her belief in the power of recognition. Jeevan takes immense joy in rewarding hardworking individuals at the most unexpected moments, making her a true enthusiast of people and their well-being. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in the top-tier service and products provided to our clients.

“We are more productive and satisfied when we are appreciated and valued at work, so giving can only bring a win win situation!”

Jeevan’s unique touch shines through in her passion for personalizing hampers, ensuring they resonate with the recipient on a personal level. This dedication to crafting memorable and tailor-made gifting experiences has catapulted Elite Hampers to a prominent position in the industry. It’s a testament to her relentless pursuit of perfection that she was recognized as a finalist in the Women Who Solopreneur Awards 2023. Today, Elite Hampers proudly stands as an award-winning business, a testament to Jeevan’s indomitable spirit and commitment to elevating corporate gifting to new heights.

“I wanted to create a gifting business that personalised hampers with the receiver in mind.”

We now work with numerous businesses nationwide, who enjoy rewarding their employees and clients with our luxury hampers. By feeling appreciated and valued for their hard-work, they work more effectively in your business. 

Elite Hampers is based in Shropshire and delivers across the UK. We send quality hand-picked gifts, provide excellent service, and make the gifting experience very easy for you! Every hamper is prepared with genuine care and we work closely with our suppliers to use only the finest products to make the finest hampers!

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